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About Us

We specialize in comprehensive web solutions for the medical sector

ZoomMed Inc. (symbol: ZMD) is a publicly traded company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. ZoomMed builds and operates a clinical information exchange platform between physicians, pharmacists and the various other stakeholders of the Health sector with whom they interact: patients, specialists, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, physiotherapy clinics and various other organizations. The cornerstones of this network are, ZoomMed's ZRx Prescriber and PraxisLab.

ZoomMed has already built in Canada the largest private network of electronic prescriptions and drug information system. It is now aiming, with the support of major strategic partners, to replicate this model in the United States while applying essentially the same strategy and the same founding principles.

Founding principles of the Network

  • Physicians and Pharmacists are the central node in the global healthcare network;
  • Physicians and Pharmacists also happen to be those who have less time and patience to work with complex IT applications. They require simple, quick and efficient solutions;
  • Physicians and Pharmacists will transact mostly, if not exclusively, through the platform that will host their most important work. Consequently, ZoomMed intends to become their privileged professional and social network, just like LinkedIn has become the one for the Business community and Facebook the one for the general public;
  • Most of ZoomMed investments to this day have gone to building a dominant network in this sector by putting in the hands of a maximum of physicians and pharmacists, exactly the type of technology they were looking for, at conditions they could not refuse;
  • Now that the network is in place, all other stakeholders of the healthcare sector want to join, in order to have a link with the central players.